In 2014, PAYNE & Glory, Inc. began a positive and powerful movement - “Pain in the Pews.  In the beginning, we started off with different topics (Pain in the Pews: Domestic Abuse and the Church and Pain in the Pews: Serving with Broken Pieces).  From the foundation that those initial events laid, Pain in the Pews: Mental Health and Ministry was born. The purpose of this initiative is to aid in bridging the gap between the faith community and the professional mental health community by bringing information, resources, awareness and shared common ground – hope, healing and recovery.

PAYNE & Glory, Inc. began in 2005 with a mission to help to give a voice to those who felt that they had no voice – survivors of domestic abuse.  From platform stemmed many other empowerment movements that we have hosted throughout the years, in no small part due to partnerships with advocates, experts, organizations, ministries and individuals who want to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

During the growth of “Pain in the Pews: Mental Health and Ministry” [PITP], the two worlds of mental health and domestic abuse definitely have seen their share of overlap, and a consistent need to bring this awareness into the faith community, also.

Events that PAYNE & Glory, Inc. hosts specifically for the PITP initiative are our annual Conference (held in September), our quarterly free Chat & Chew’s and our online Facebook Group community. We are also a partnered with likeminded ministries, practices and organizations to further our common mission.  Together, we can erase the stigma and bridge the gap.

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Pain in the Pews Conference: Mental Health and Ministry 2019

Pain in the Pews Conference: Mental Health and Ministry 2018


Pain in the Pews:  Mental Health and Ministry Annual Conference/Expo 2017

Pain in the Pews Conference: Mental Health and Ministry 2015

Pain in the Pews Conference: Mental Health and Ministry 2016

Pain in the Pews II:  Serving with Broken Pieces 2014

Pain in the Pews:  Domestic Abuse and the Church - From Victim to Victory 2014

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