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Special guests for our Pain in the Pews: Mental Health and Ministry™ Show

Content Creators who want to share their content/have your own Show on our Channel

Those who want to share Special Features (a particular special event or segment) on our Channel.

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Pain in the Pews: Mental Health and Ministry™

Bridging the gap between the mental health and faith communities. Topics are engaging and the guests include mental health professionals, persons with lived experiences, peer specialists, ministry leaders and advocates.

Coaching and Personal Development

Certified Coaches that are providing a variety of relevant information, support, insight and encouragement to aid in living a whole, prosperous and purpose-filled life!

Faith and Spirituality

Relationship, not religion is the ultimate goal. From bible studies, to church services, we will have guests that will be dedicated to helping to build a faith-filled relationship with God, along with healthy and helpful conversations and teachings.

Health and Wellness

Being healthy - mind, body and soul - are essential to living a full lie. Segments will include specialists in every facet of total wellness.

Business Development

From how to successfully build business credit, to how to start a non-profit organization, this programming will aid entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in financial literacy, business development, growth, effective marketing and so much more.

...And So Much More

It is our goal to offer a variety of topics and content for our audience.

Come grow with us and be a difference-maker!

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