"The Secret She Kept"

Recently, TVOne released a powerful movie, based upon the bestselling book written by the incomparable ReShonda Tate Billingsley entitled "The Secret She Kept". When I first saw people on social media posting about the book (shortly before the movie aired), I found myself drawn to it based upon the comments that I saw, and the excerpts from the book that I'd read. If you've been following PAYNE & Glory for any length of time, you know that I am very passionate about mental health awareness. Our annual Conference ""Pain in the Pews: Mental Health and Ministry" speaks to that very issue. I purchased the book in great anticipation, but had not finished reading it before it aired (i DID NOT want a spoiler alert - reading the book first is ALWAYS so much better than seeing the movie version of it first - in my opinion!). :-)

This book opened some doors that, for years, people were fine with leaving closed - while our loved ones around us suffered in silence - or rather, suffered alone.

Here's a clip from the TVOne premiere of the movie, but I encourage you to purchase the book first. Take heed, Take note. Erase the Stigma. Get Help. Give Help.

Coming September 24th, Pain in the Pews 2016: Mental Health and Ministry

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