Exclusive Coaching Workshop for an intimate group of motivated purpose-seekers!


One day that's set aside to build, empower, inspire, and strategize with motivated women who want to grab the bull by the horns and find out how their specific, God-given gift WILL make room for them! 

What to expect?:  Elements of the phenomenal ‪Act Like A Success‬ Conference, personalized coaching from workshop host/empowerment coach Chelsealya "Cookie" Payne, workshop material, "Gifts", essential tools for strategically overcoming obstacles that seem to be hindering your growth and much more! Lunch will be provided. This Workshop is only open to a small group of seriously interested, motivated, passionate, purpose-filled ladies. 
Interested?  Click on the link on the right side of the screen to register.   This class will fill fast, and once filled, registration will be closed.  Reserve your spot today.


Additional payment options available - email us at epitomecoaching@gmail.com for further details.

"The Birthing of a Gladiator"

Gladiator: A Warrior “A person armed with all the resources necessary to fight for what they believe in, even if what they are fighting against is the person in the mirror”.
Birth: To give birth is the act or process of bringing forth life.


These Empowerment/Mentoring Coaching Sessions were specifically designed to help you go from the conception of your idea, business or personal development goal, to the delivery room of your purpose/destiny!!


"The Birthing of a Gladiator" is one of Ms. Payne's signature coaching courses. 


Available for small groups of up to 10 people.  To schedule a one day training or 4 week course for your group or organiation, email us at epitomecoaching@gmail.com for booking information.

"Your Gift WILL Make Room For You"


"A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men" Proverbs 18:16 


An engaging summit hosted by empowerment coach Chelsealya "Cookie" Payne where participants will learn how to get over the stumbling blocks and obstacles that have hindered you from moving forward into your God-given destiny!


Learn tools to re-invent your life, business, gain clarity and direction and POSITION yourself for greatness!

Regain your focus and boost your motivation! 

That business idea, that book, that non-profit, that product, that service, and even your own personal development – it’s in YOU waiting to come out!

Get inspired, motivated, empowered and find out just how YOUR GIFT WILL MAKE ROOM FOR YOU!


Email us at epitomecoaching@gmail.com to

schedule your group summit/workshop for your women's ministry, women's group, organization or friends gathering.